Computers are solely used for the internet, and due to that, they are prone to get viruses. There can be bugs in any of the websites which may attack the computer which is not protected by the security software. There are numerous viruses which are a threat to the system and may destroy the whole system of the computer. It can affect one program and then lead to the entire system by holding you back to do anything on the computer. It can corrupt all the documents, files and even the external devices easily.

The first virus came in the 1970s known as Creeper virus and then in 1981; the first human-made virus came into existence with destroying the floppy devices of Apple. According to the research, there has been an increase in viruses since 2004. Along with that, when the security software came in, then the number started to decrease. Viruses affect the performance of PC with making it less efficient and may also restrict you to access the system. Here are some of the viruses you need to be aware of which can create chaos for your computer system. Here are some of the antiviruses which you should be aware of so you can fix them as soon as possible.


Resident Virus

This virus breathes in the RAM of the computer. It can disrupt the activities of the system and the operations running in the system. Along with that, it also corrupts the programs and files in the computer which may be hard to access, or you may lose it forever. The examples for such virus can be Move, CMJ, Randex and MrKlunky.

Multipartite Virus

This virus is extremely infectious with spreading it into the computer system. It makes the authorizations disrupt along with taking other programs under the grip. The entire computer may not operate if you have this kind of virus on the computer. It can destroy the files and infect the boots sector as well.

Direct Action Virus

This virus usually attacks the files which are related to .com and .exe files. It targets those files which have the .com at the end. It can recreate the files in the folder, or it can also infect the files which may restrict you from opening it. The files on the computer do not get deleted, however, the performance of the PC is not good anymore. The good thing about this antivirus is that you can remove it quickly through the antivirus software.

Browser Hijacker

The browser hijacker is the one which attacks the web browser which you use. This antivirus opens other tabs easily with the websites without you knowing about it. The internet address bar will open up the sites which will eventually harm the computer even more. There are some good browsers which have the built-in system to avoid getting prone to such antivirus type.

Overwrite Virus

This type of virus overwrites the files itself with taking away the content which is originally in the file. You will not be able to access the files directly and view your original data anymore. It can effect folders, files and other programs on the computer easily. The best way to be saved from such a virus is that you use the backup data service always so that you do not lose any important document or file.

Web Scripting Virus

You will find such kind of virus in the online images, links, websites or the website layout as well. It is hard to recognize such a virus until you get hit with it through clicking on something which is not genuine. The virus automatically gets into your computer system by clicking and then it is hard to fight it off.

There have been bad incidents due to antiviruses which disrupt the entire system. One of the big incident it about Melissa antivirus which was created in 1999. It was activated through emails where people were clicking on the links and getting attacked through the virus. It created chaos for the accounts where the person’s contacts get exposed to them, and automated emails were sent to all the contacts to click on the link.

As people started to use emails frequently, they did not realize that they were getting in the hand of the virus. The damage was that people were not able to access their email address after the virus got posted on their email. Many of them had to lose their contacts and create a new email address. The Microsoft Corporation had to disable the service of emailing to avoid the damage for a more significant population.

Later when the owner of this antivirus was found, he was charged with the fine of $5000 and jail sentence for 20 months long. He was not granted the permissions to access computer for entire life until he had the consent from the court.